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F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color

F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color
F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color
F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color
F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color

3x1 LED Panel Light Location Pack
The new EverTrue Vari-Color LED Panel More than a soft light

Product Highlights
TLCI 97 - 99 (98±1), CRI 95 - 98 (white-light mode)
Bright (6000lux@1m)
Beam Angle 130°
Power Consumption 245 W Nominal, 270 W Maximum

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  The new  EverTrue Vari-Color  3×1... mehr
Produktinformationen "F&V EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color"


The new EverTrue Vari-Color 3×1 LED Panel


EverTrue Vari-Color                                                                  CTD-Soft

Variable CCT with fit on Planckian locus                                         C  Calibratable color engine
Recalibratable - always true colors                                                T  Tint control ± G/M adjustment
                                                                                                     D  Dimming curves selectable

Vari-color, More Than Bi-color

Our Vari-Color fixtures offer a true fit to the Planckian Locus aka Black Body Curve and with this true tintless white light at all correlated color temperatures throughout the adjustment range.


Wide Color Temperature Range

In White-Light Mode the Z1200VC CTD-Soft offers maximum color reproduction from 2800K to 6500K. For more extreme color temperatures the extended Kelvin Mode offers an even wider CCT range from 2400 to 9900 Kelvin.


Always True Colors

UltraColor color reproduction is the basis of our new EverTrue fixtures, providing a well balanced, full-spectrum light for maximum color accuracy, with a TLCI up to 99.

Calibration from our side ensures consistency from the beginning with virtually no tolerance from fixture to fixture. To ensure consistency after years of use EverTrue fixtures can be recalibrated by the user for accurate colors and color temperatures, always.


Tint Control ± G/M Adjustment

Adapt to the tint of other lights on set easily with our built-in tint control to adjust ± Green/Magenta.


Large Aperture, Compact Dimensions

The Z1200VC CTD-Soft has a large aperture providing soft brightness from a huge fixed diffusor panel. At the same time, it?s light in weight, thin and compact to fit into tight locations.


Powerful and Silent

With 270W the Z1200VC CTD-Soft is powerful and because of its sophisticated passive cooling system, it?s also completely silent.


Bright and Soft

Extraordinary brightness throughout the color temperature range is a key strength of the Z1200VC CTD-Soft. With a beam angle of 130°, it can create brightness with an even, homogenous and soft quality of light.

130°                                 14338 lux@1m   (with The Intensifier)



EAN 6949773304578

TLCI: 98±1

Color Rendering Index (Ra)95 - 98  (white-light mode)

Vari-Color:  2,800 K - 6,500 K (white-light mode) | 2,400 K - 9,900 K (extended kelvin mode)

Continuously Variable Correlated Color Temperature

Lux@1m: 6000

Beam Angle: 130°

Dimming: 0-100% Continuous

Power Voltage Range24 - 36 V DC

Net Weight4.6 kg (10.1 lbs)

Packed Weight5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)

Power Consumption: 245 W Nominal, 270 W Maximum


Package Contents

(1) × Light Head
(1) × Controller
(1) × Battery Plate
(1) × Central Lollipop Mount


EverTrue Z1200VC CTD-Soft Vari-Color 3x1 LED Panel Light Location Pack
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